Mumbelli Infant Bed | Co-Sleeper


Mumbelli Light Blue newborn bed
Mumbelli infant bassinet bed - cosleeper peach infant bed - co sleeper front view Baby Sleeper Mumbelli top view Mumbelli Light Blue newborn bed Mumbelli Infant bassinet Taupe Paisley Mumbelli co-sleeper Nautical Blue lounger Acid Reflux Wedge for under the mattress included Portable Travel Bag Included with purchase Baby sleeping in the Mumbelli Portable Bassinet newborn sleeping peacefully in the Mumbelli portable bassinet Mumbelli being used as a crib insert Mumbelli Baby Bed Co-Sleeper Blue

A must-have for new moms. The Mumbelli is the only bassinet, infant bed and co-sleeper that adjusts perfectly to your baby's size providing them with warmth and comfort as when they were in their mom's belly.

The Mumbelli effect on your baby

  • Sounder sleeping
  • Less fussiness
  • Less crying
  • Fewer moments of restlessness

The most versatile transition bed

Moms are using the Mumbelli as an:

  • Infant bed
  • Portable Bassinet
  • Co-sleeper
  • Crib insert
  • Sleep trainer
  • Baby Lounger

    Convenient & Safe

    • Adjusts perfectly to your newborn's dimensions by using our patented foot insert for a womb-like fit so the baby feels comfortable and snug.
    • The walls absorb bothersome surrounding noise making it quieter for your baby.
    • Very light, only 2.5 pounds for easy travel. Fits in the overhead compartment on airplanes.
    • 100% machine-washable cover for quick and easy care.
    • Makes an ideal crib insert so babies sleep more soundly.
    • Mumbelli’s high sturdy walls protect your baby.
    • Anti Acid Reflux wedge can be easily inserted under the mattress to prevent spit ups after feedings.
    • Meets or exceeds the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) regulations for infant products.
    • Certified Baby-Safe for design, construction, and materials.
    • Dimensions: 28” long x 18” wide x 10” high.

    What's included with your Mumbelli?

    • Wedge Insert to incline your baby and help reduce acid reflux
    • Convenient on-the-go travel bag for easy carrying

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