About Mumbelli

About Mumbelli


Our Story

The Mumbelli was invented by a sleep-deprived mom. Her newborn baby was constantly cranky and wouldn’t stop crying, especially when she tried to lay him down in his crib. She tried swaddling like the nurse in the hospital recommended, but it wasn’t enough. Nothing seemed to work, she was tired and didn’t know what to do to soothe her baby.

Looking for a solution

Exhausted and frustrated, she set out to find a way to help her baby sleep better. She spoke to her pediatrician, family, friends, other moms and did her own research. She found out that it was possible that her baby was missing being in her belly and it wasn’t easy for him to get used to the big outside world. In her tummy, her baby was always snug while stretching and flexing his little limbs. She started looking everywhere for a sleeper that would mimic this, but she couldn’t find anything like it in the market. She realized that if she wanted it, she had to make it herself.

The AHA moment!

She set out to create a bed that simulated the womb and tried different shapes and sizes. After many attempts, she found that her baby was most calm when he felt snug and had something to wiggle up against. That’s how the snuggler band was born. The band adjusted perfectly to his size when he was placed in this new womb-shaped sleeper and, most importantly, her baby finally found a warm and secure place he was comfortable in. How would she call this new bed? She called it the Mumbelli since it made her baby feel like he was in her belly again.


A friend also had a cranky baby and talking, like moms do, she mentioned her invention. She decided to give it a try. She was skeptical at first but just moments later, she almost didn’t believe what was happening. She put her fidgety, crying baby in the Mumbelli, adjusted the snuggler band to her size and all of a sudden, she quieted down, started smiling and soon after, fell asleep. She realized this invention needed to be shared with the world and moms everywhere.

She took her idea to our designers and engineers to improve the quality and most importantly, maximize its safety and the rest is history. Moms across the country have experienced the Mumbelli and can’t say enough good things about it.