Mumbelli Baby Bed

When your baby is born, they go from the safe, warm and confined feeling of being in the womb to a big, bright and insecure world. Many newborns have a hard time getting used to their new environment and have difficulty falling asleep, constantly wake up and become cranky because the comforting space they grew to know and depend on, is suddenly not there anymore.

The Mumbelli was invented by a Mom who had a fussy baby who wouldn’t stop crying because he missed being in his Mom’s belly. She created it, so her baby would continue to experience the sensation of being in the womb. The bed’s unique shape, firm base, high walls and the patented adjustable snuggler band provide a cozy, snug and secure environment like when they were in their mom's belly. You'll quickly notice sounder sleeping, fewer fussy moments, less crying and less restlessness.