Useful Features

The Mumbelli was invented by a sleep-deprived Mom whose baby wouldn’t stop crying and slept erratically. After tinkering with different shapes and sizes, she found the perfect combination that would have an incredibly calming effect on her baby.

The Foot Insert

Adjustable Foot Insert

The foot insert is a flexible band that attaches to the sides of the Mumbelli, perfectly adjusting and growing to fit your baby’s size. Why is it so important? By creating a perfect fit around your baby, the insert provides a sense of snug surroundings similar to the womb that has been proven to make newborn babies feel secure. They can wiggle up against it and feel as safe and cozy as when they were in your belly.

This patented feature is unique to the Mumbelli.

Anti Reflux Wedge

Anti Reflux Wedge

Our Reflux Wedge is included with your Mumbelli and is easily and safely inserted under the mattress. It has been proven that elevating your baby’s head and shoulders, especially after meals, can aid in digestion, reduce spit-ups and acid reflux. The wedge gently inclines your baby so the head is higher than the stomach. This can also help prevent choking in case of spit ups while sleeping.

Certified Safe

Safety is our priority. We designed and engineered the Mumbelli to meet or exceed each of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s regulations for infant products in the United States. When we felt that these regulations were too lax, we scoured the world in search of stricter standards.

The immediate surfaces and environment your baby comes in contact with are extremely important. That’s why we made sure that the Mumbelli is BPA, Lead, Phthalates and Latex Free.

Firm Surfaces

Firm surfaces and non slip bottom

The base of the Mumbelli is solid and non-slip, allowing it to maintain its integrity. When the mattress is placed on top, it creates a firm, while still comfortable, sleeping surface that’s recommended for babies to reduce the risk of SIDS.

One of the risks with small babies is that of asphyxiation if they press their nose up against a surface that’s too soft when they roll over. In the United States, there is no standard or test performed to determine if the walls and mattress are firm enough for a baby so we searched the world and found that Australia and New Zealand do have a standard for this called the AS/NZS 8811.1:3013. The objective for this standard is to provide a test methodology for identifying if a sleeping surface is firm enough. We performed the tests and the Mumbelli passed and conforms to this safety standard for your peace of mind.

On a side note, we are petitioning to bring this standard to the U.S. because we feel that all baby products in this category should be tested for firmness and right now they are not mandated to unless the manufacturer voluntarily decides to do so. We do and did.

The High Sturdy Walls

sturdy walls

For parents that co-sleep or bed share, the walls protect your baby by preventing you from accidentally rolling onto them or covering them with pillows or blankets.



For when those inevitable baby stains do happen, the covers, mattress and the anti-reflux wedge of the Mumbelli are all easily removed so they can quickly be thrown in the wash.

Portable and great for travel


The Mumbelli infant bed weighs only 2.5 pounds so it’s very light and easy to carry around the house. Why is this important? New babies like to be held and to be close to you but you also need mobility. Cribs and traditional bassinets are not easy to move around like the Mumbelli, so your baby can be with you wherever you are.

Besides easily moving it around the house, the Mumbelli fits in the trunk of your car to go to grandma or grandpa’s house. At only 2.5 lbs you can take it along as carry-on luggage since it fits perfectly in the overhead bin compartment of a plane.

It comes with a convenient on-the-go bag with a strap that protects it from getting dirty in transit, so your baby has a clean comfy bed when you arrive at your destination.

All in all

We’ve looked at every detail to make sure that the Mumbelli is safe and comfortable for baby and Mom. We’ve tested, analyzed and re-tested all the materials, their performance, the construction and every minuscule detail in between. The ultimate validation is the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received from Mumbelli Moms everywhere.