Vintage And Grace

I’ve always felt that taking a baby straight from womb to a crib was not ideal for mom or baby. They go from this warm, snug environment to a cold, open world. They lose that feeling they’ve enjoyed for 9 months. So I love the comfort and closeness the Mumbelli provides. The foot insert, for example, provides great support for baby. I also love that it’s adjustable so it can be personalized for each baby and grow with them. What I’ve never liked about most bassinets is the open, flat feel. The Mumbelli is much more supportive.My first birth ended with an emergency C-section after a very long labor. I can’t even imagine walking from room to room, reaching down in a crib for baby, pulling up, and nursing every 2 hours after recovering from that birth. So I’ve always been in favor of having baby sleep in the room with me for the first couple of months. The Mumbelli is a great option for that transition period for mom and baby. It can be used as a co-sleeper, a bassinet, or a crib insert. It’s also lightweight which makes it easy to move from room to room, or even as a travel bedBeing that Scarlett has two older brothers, I also love having a bed I can easily move to where we are and know her brothers can safely interact with her. We are currently using ours throughout the house during the day for naps, or when she just needs a place nearby while I work, and in our pack n play beside our bed at night. Our future plan is to transition her to her nursery by placing the Mumbelli in her crib in a couple of months.