Splendidly Sutter

When the Mumbelli bed arrived on Friday, I was super excited and hopeful. I took it out of the box and immediately noticed the extremely soft material they had used for the matress and inside of the bed. The matress was firm but still very comfortable. The inside walls of the bed were soft so that the baby's head would rest comfortably up at the top. There was a wedge that slides under the matress so that the baby's head is elevated {YUUUSSSS!!! I HATE the flat cosleepers! -and so does Flynn haha!- This was an amazing feature!} There is a little insert that can fit in the bed to make the bed smaller for when the baby is still little. As he or she grows, you can move it further down. Flynn is long enough to have her head touch the top and bottom, so she doesn't need the insert. I went ahead and tried it out for a few nights! I LOVED it!! SHE loved it! Normally she sleeps in her own bed for MAAAYbe 2 hours a night before deciding she's no longer comfortable. Now she sleeps in her Mumbelli bed for all but maaaybe 2 hours of the night {depending on how long/much she nurses that night}. I've gotten so much more sleep the past few nights!! It's been amazing!!