Miss Lulu Pearl

As we are getting SO excited to welcome our sweet baby boy in just a few months, I have been picking up items here and there so that our home is good & ready for him! I know I've mentioned it here before, but since we already have a little one year old, we really don't need very many baby items this time around since we are pretty much fully stocked from Colton! However, one thing I wish I would have gotten the first time around is a safe spot for baby to lay aside from the crib or cradle for those times when he can't be in my arms. I also know that the reality is, when you place a newborn down in a crib those first few months, you can almost guarantee that they're gonna cry! Even if they're swaddled. The reasoning behind this is because they spend 9 months snuggled up inside the womb and they still crave that closed in comfort for the first few months of their lives as a way to help soothe. An open space such as a crib just doesn't provide the cradling that new babies crave. 
I came across the Mumbelli Baby Bed & I cannot wait to use this for little Baby Jackson because it is made to help ease the transition from the womb to the world. The Mumbelli is tailored to suit babies up to about 3 months of age, or whenever they learn to roll.
The design cradles your baby in womb-like comfort and includes an adjustable foot rest to grow with baby while keeping them nice and snug! It also comes with a wedge insert, which can be placed under the Mumbelli mattress, that enables you to change baby's positioning. The wedge offers a slight angle while baby is laying down as a way to reduce infant reflux.
What I love most about this baby bed is that it is completely portable! It can be placed directly into the crib, on the couch right next to you, tag along while visiting grandma's house or on vacation. It is super lightweight and comes with a carrying bag to keep it clean while on the go.