The only infant bed that cradles your baby in womb-like comfort.

We absolutely love the Mumbelli! It's so easy to move from room to room. It gives me such peace of mind knowing she has somewhere safe to sleep for naps. This is also a lifesaver for visiting family. Read more..

Jessica Nettle Pincombe

I'm sold on this bed! It's extremely portable and lightweight. I move it throughout the house as I work or do activities with Ford. She just sleeps away! When I'm putting Ford down for her nap, she comes along in her little bed. Read more..

Sarah Beth Sutter

We plan to keep things minimal around here and avoid the extra stuff babies sometimes accumulate but I am thrilled to have a Mumbelli co-sleeper for baby #4 to give everyone some much needed rest. Read more..

Jen Oden

My baby has loved it since the day I brought it home! He sleeps how he did in the womb!! He sleeps longer, and wakes up less throughout the night. The material is all removable and washable and the wedge is just high enough to keep them comfortable. Read more..

Erika Williams

Our Story

Mumbelli provides a loving transition from the womb to the world. Its patented design mimics the comforting sensation your baby enjoyed all those months cradled in Mom’s belly. Mumbelli babies smile more, cry less, and sleep more snuggly and soundly. Moms and Dads, you’ll sleep better, too! Plus, enjoy a little extra time for work, home Read more...


Mumbelli Premium Taupe

Mumbelli Nautical

Mumbelli Light Blue

Mumbelli Peach

Womb-like Bed

How Mumbelli Works


Nicholas C. Lambrou, MD, FACOG As an Ob/Gyn the concept of Mumbelli makes perfect sense in creating a 'womb like environment' for a newborn. When feeling vulnerable or not well as adults we instinctively crave the fetus like position of being in utero. It creates a calm and safe feeling. This is the feeling we believe the Mumbelli achieves for newborns by its soft and secure surrounding. Newborns may rest comfortably and securely while transitioning to their new environment.   Read more...

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