Moms love the mumbelli

“I just wanted to thank you for creating Mumbelli! My daughter won't sleep without it. I love that it has nice, bright colors and is very soft. The cushion is removable so it allows us to wash as needed. My daughter was born 6 weeks early, so the womb-like feeling really helped her sleep better. Thank you again!"

– Amy Kemper

“I don’t know how I survived without MUMBELLI. I also purchased one as a gift for my cousin, and she tells everyone it’s the best gift she ever received for her baby.”

– Susana Bretaña-Córdoba

Mumbelli infant bed - cosleeper
Mumbelli infant bed - cosleeper infant bed - co sleeper front view Baby Sleeper Mumbelli top view Mumbelli Light Blue Mumbelli Infant Bed Taupe Paisley Mumbelli co-sleeper Nautical Blue Acid Reflux Wedge for under the mattress included Portable Travel Bag Included with purchase newborn sleeping peacefully in the Mumbelli Mumbelli Infant Pod

A must have for new moms. The Mumbelli is the only infant bed that adjusts perfectly to your infant's size providing them with warmth and comfort like when they were in their mom's belly.

You'll quickly notice sounder sleeping, fewer fussy moments, less crying and less restlessness.

The most versatile infant pod

Moms are using the Mumbelli as an:

  • Infant bed
  • Co-sleeper
  • Crib insert or bassinet Insert
  • Sleep trainer
  • Portable bassinet perfect for travel
  • Baby lounger for around the house

    Convenient & Safe

    • Adjusts perfectly to your newborn's dimensions by using our patented snuggler band for a womb-like fit so the baby feels comfortable and snug.
    • The walls absorb bothersome surrounding noise making it quieter for your baby.
    • Very light, only 2.5 pounds for easy travel. Fits in overhead compartment on airplanes.
    • Dimensions: 28” long x 18” wide x 10” high.
    • 100% machine-washable cover for quick and easy care.
    • Makes an ideal crib insert so babies sleep more soundly.
    • Mumbelli’s sturdy walls make it the perfect co-sleeper.
    • Anti Acid Reflux wedge can be easily inserted under the mattress to prevent spit ups after feedings.

    What's included with your Mumbelli?

    • Includes Wedge Insert to help reduce acid reflux
    • Includes convenient on-the-go travel bag for easy carrying

     What Moms are saying

    Safety Tested

    At Mumbelli, we take the safety of your baby seriously, in fact, we are obsessed with it. That’s why we designed and engineered the Mumbelli infant bed to meet or exceed each Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulation for infant products. It’s also free of dangerous chemicals and materials such as BPA, lead, phthalate and latex.

    Learn more about Mumbelli's safety

    Doctor Approved

    Doctor Approved

    “The first few months are the most important for both mother and child as the newborn transitions to the outside world. Mumbelli has found a way to make this early transition a calm and peaceful one. Its unique, lightweight design creates a soft and secure surrounding that allows newborns to feel safe and calm. Its design also makes it a safe co-sleeper and easy crib insert..."


    Mom Verified

    Moms all over the country have spoken, they absolutely love the Mumbelli and they don’t have enough good things to say about their experience.

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    The Mumbelli was selected among the top 10 products at the New York Baby show, the largest consumer event in the country for expectant parents. The winners were selected by a prestigious panel of judges representing the media, retail and of course, parents.


    Included with Purchase

    Every Mumbelli comes with a wedge to help reduce acid-reflux and spit ups after feeding and an on-the-go travel bag.

    Lightweight and Portable

    At only 2.5 pounds, the Mumbelli is perfect for travelling around the world or just going to Grandma's for a visit. It fits perfectly in the overhead compartment of an airplane.


    Just unzip the plush cover, toss it in the wash. As simple as that.

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